How To Solve A Cost, Delay, Claim, or Procurement Issue NOW Without Unplanned Issues Creating Havoc With Existing Plans, Causing Delays, Increasing Cost, And Making Your Current Circumstances Worse Simply Because You Don’t Have The Specialist Resources Available.

CONSULTANTS ON-DEMAND is an easy and fast way 
to solve your business and project problems FAST


There are many providers out there for contract or temporary professional resources, in the UK alone there could be 25,000 recruitment agencies, AND they have the following 5 road blocks in common: 

  • They have never built anything;
  • They have never formed, developed, and led a team to building anything;
  • They do not know the risks and issues you have to manage to deliver your works;
  • ​They do not know the problems you face or how to solve them;
  • ​They are inappropriately qualified to adequately evaluate the experience, skill-set, and capability of an industry professional.

…but somehow, they claim to be the right people to advise you on the right resources to deliver your objectives and to solve your issues...

Introducing, Consultants On-Demand where: 

  • You have on-demand access to pre-qualified Specialists in Cost, Delay, Claims, and Contract matters who have been validated by industry-specific specialists;
  • ​You have live access to our Specialists’ calendars;
  • You can view their CV and expertise immediately;
  • You can check their availability in seconds;
  • ​You can secure a validated specialist in under 40 seconds.


We know when issues occur or you don’t have the resources available to get things done – this can be infuriating, suck up all of your time, drive you round the bend, make a normal task like climbing a mountain, and put immense and unnecessary strain on your team to do more with less.  I know, I have been there.

By putting our Specialists to work means less stress, less headache, less drama AND more time for you to do what you do best – running your business and delivering for your clients.


The top three reasons for disputes are:

  • Not complying with the administration requirements of the contract.
  • ​A party not performing an obligation, and
  • A party not fulfilling their obligations under the contract.

The common denominator in these three reasons - is people.

Covid-19 has been tough on everyone and if there is one thing the forecast apocalypse has taught us it's we need to do thing differently.  We need to be different in how we do business, different in how we deliver services, and different in how we add value.  For some, this is a need for survival, for others, it is a want for a more viable future.

The question is will your competitors awaken before you do?

No matter what your business circumstances, no matter whether you need to cut costs or upscale your business to seize an opportunity, no matter whether you have an issue right now; we give you validated specialists, on-demand, within a few clicks.


Covid-19 has been a gamechanger and unquestionably the toughest impact to businesses and industries across the globe.

Things cannot go back to the way they were, and our industry needs change.

People who are inadequately qualified to adequately evaluate the skillset of an industry professional have ruled the resourcing to our industry for far too long.

We are industry professionals just like you.

We evaluate our specialists as fellow industry professionals and validate their credentials, professional indemnity insurance, and we train them for the delivery of our service approach to meet the high industry standard as industry professionals.


We make this on-demand for you.


You may remember a time when dial-up internet access was how it was done, and if you do, you quickly remember the frustration, the unreliability, the unpredictability, and the excruciatingly ridiculous amount time it took to access what you wanted when you needed it.

You now have the option of ultra-fast broadband with its easy access, reliability, certainty of outcome, and always available when you need.  

In fact, you can book a specialist faster than the time it takes to boil a kettle, or if you are really posh, faster than the preparation time of your favourite skinny late macchiato...

The choice is yours:

Ultra-fast and reliable broadband OR unreliable and unpredictable dial-up…?


  • When you are confronted by an unplanned issue set to create havoc with existing plans, cause delays, increase cost, and make your current circumstances worse; simply because you don’t have resources available.
  • You have Consultants On-Demand: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, AND using our Specialists’ live calendar, can instantly see their availability.  It is like they already work for you
  • ​In under 40 seconds, you can book Specialists with expertise in Construction Claims, Delay Analysis, Quantity Surveying, Contract Administration, Commercial Management, NEC4: ECC Project Manager, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, and Heavy Lifting.
  • ​By booking our Specialists', you have taken the first step to a reliable solution you know can deliver your desired realistic outcome AND in the fastest possible time. 


    There are usually three distinct options that you can choose to do when an issue arises:

    1 – Do nothing and hope it goes away (passive).

    2 – Try and do it yourself by your own internal resources (action).

    3 – Seek external assistance (action).

    Our specialists are available for you on-demand.  Book a specialist, and if you are not completely satisfied with our service, I will give you 100% of your money back.

    In our experience, the organisations that benefit most from our Specialists' are those who:

    • Flexibility: want the flexibility of temporary professional resources for specific work without the ongoing commitment, and therefore want to benefit from cost and time savings on how they utilise temporary resources throughout their business.  
    • Upscaling: have the opportunity to upscale their business, but do not have the immediate resources to enable them to pursue (and take advantage of) the opportunity, and don't want to miss out.
    • Save cost: want lower overhead costs and increased value in how they resource their business and projects, and do not want any ongoing cost commitment. 
    • No commitment: do not want the ongoing commitment usually associated with contract resourcing.
    • Save time: have an urgent problem that needs solving but do not have the in-house capability or capacity to solve the matter to meet time constraints.
    • ​Trusted access: are frustrated at how long it takes to find trusted specialists AND who want drama-free and on-demand access to validated specialists.
    • Covid-19: have evaluated their business following Covid-19 and need to cut costs to make their future viable, and who have ongoing commitments to projects and who want to mitigate the impact of further Covid waves.

    Need Some Assistance? 

    You can contact us by clicking the LIVE chat option at the corner of this web page.


    A free 15 minute Breakthrough call to get into the nitty-gritty of what's going on and to ensure we can help you, saving you time, money, and your sanity!

    All our specialists' are pre-qualified against strict criteria.  We do the hard work so you don't have to waste your time and money navigating an abyss of uncertainty. 

    Exclusive access to our Specialists who've attained a minimum of 15 years of experience in the issues you face and how to resolve them.  It's like they already work for you.

    Drama-free online booking.  Simply select a date and time which is suitable for you, and by securing an appointment, you have taken one step closer to a solution.

    A structured and focused 1 hour session with a specialist who has the experience and knowledge in area(s) of your issue(s).

    You can submit specific information in advance of your session to maximise your time with our specialist, which leads to a better outcome for you.

    A specific action plan tailored for you and your realistic desired outcome.  The option to undertake the work defined by the action plan yourself and by your own resources, OR this can be undertaken by our specialist at an additional cost. The choice is completely yours with no pressure or hard sell. 

    Immediate, short-term, long-term assignments and retained services are available covering all cost, time, and contract matters in the UK and International construction & engineering industries.

    Risk-free purchasing as you are instantly covered by our cast iron, no-nonsense 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Professionally insured specialists for peace of mind and reassurance.


    15 minute breakthrough call
    • The Breakthrough Call is free and strictly confidential, so put your bank card away as I am not selling anything.
    • The Breakthrough Call is structured and primarily to determine how I can best serve you.  
    • The call is about you and will be grounded, straight talking, and no-nonsense. 
    • When I know we can help you, I will determine which of our specialists' can best serve you in achieving a realistic outcome.     
    • In the event I cannot help you for whatever reason, I will provide you with as much guidance as possible so you leave with something to further explore.
    1 Hour online consultation with a specialist
    + 20% VAT (if UK-based)
    • This Initial Consultation is structured, one-hour in duration, and for a date and time of your choosing via our specialists' online calendar.  Payment is at time of booking.
    • The consultation will be via Zoom and there is no requirement for you to have the Zoom app on your device.  A link to the call will be provided by confirmation e-mail.
    • We recommend submitting advance information, so our specialist is adequately briefed prior to the call.  The details on how this is done is provided in the booking confirmation you will receive via e-mail, which includes specific details on how best to prepare for the call.  This is at no additional cost.
    • By securing a Specialist for the Initial Consultation to get into the detail of the issues(s) you are facing, you are instantly covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • The outcome will result in one of two things happening:  1. You take what you we map out and undertake the follow up work yourself; OR 2. You want our Specialist's continued help to undertake the follow-on work and give you the realistic result or outcome you are looking for.  Any further works to be undertaken by the consultant is under our Follow-on Service and this captures Scope, Cost, Time, and the deliverables (as a minimum), and requires a further agreement to undertake the works.         Either way, you will be equipped to get the ground running quickly, the only choice you have is who does what.  

    Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    When you book a Specialist for the Initial 1 Hour Consultation to get into the nitty-gritty of the issues(s) you are facing, you are instantly covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the service from the Specialist on the Initial 1 Hour Consultation, simply tell us within 30 days from the end of your appointment, and within 24 hours, we shall refund you 100% of the fee paid plus any bank charges.  It's that simple!

    And so you really are completely risk-free, we will also pay you £25 (GBP) when we refund you 100% of the fee paid plus any bank charges.  
    Do you have an ?

    ◼️ Fast and easy access to consultants.
    ◼️ With availability that is practically on-demand
    ◼️ With no ongoing commitment or notice period
    ◼️ With a fast & effective way to solve your problems

    Need guidance? 


     So what happens on a Breakthrough Call?
    This is where you bring your issue or problem to the table so we can explore the options for a solution for you.  The call is free, strictly confidential, and we get into the nitty-gritty through a structured call.  You can book a day and time of your choosing by following the booking page on-screen instructions.  Once booked, you can browse case studies.  

    The Breakthrough Call is the entry point.  Some Clients know what they want (for example, a contract reviewing), some have a specific issue which needs resolving and they require specialised resources to resolve (for example, a contract issue, dispute, or final account), and some have have issue(s) and do not know how to resolve them (for example, not used to a specific form of contract or unplanned events have occurred which are outside of their experience and so the Client is unclear on their contractual entitlement and the approach to resolving the matter).  It does not matter - the Breakthrough Call is always the entry point and options will be advised at NO COST TO YOU.  Thereafter, the choice is yours.

    I have been asked before, "how much is your breakthrough call?".   If you have to pay for it, it is not free.  Put your credit card away as I am not selling anything.  If there is a mutual fit and I know we can help you, it will be completely YOUR choice to take advantage of consultants on-demand and action the fastest possible solution by booking one of our Specialists.   Alternatively, if you want to take away what we discuss on the Breakthrough Call and crack on, then off you pop to do so, at no cost to YOU for my time.  

     Is it easy to book a Specialist?
    You can book a Specialist with 5 clicks in under 40 seconds.  That's pretty good if you have a burning issue and it is getting hotter by the minute, but also just as reassuring to know that a planned activity is scheduled to be sorted, so it doesn't become that red-hot issue.

    However, to have access to our Specialists when you need, with no ongoing commitment, you must prequalify through our Breakthrough Call.  We must be a mutual fit for you to enjoy the exclusive benefits.

    The Specialist is initially booked for 1 hour and at the end of the call, you will have a plan to implement yourself OR you can request the Follow-on Service where the Specialist implements or actions the agreed plan.
     What vocations do you cover?
    We have many Specialists with expertise in Construction Claims, Delay Analysis, Quantity Surveying, Contract Administration, Commercial Management, NEC4: ECC Project Manager, Procurement, and Heavy Lifting.

    These are located across different time zones, but all (thankfully) are on planet Earth...for now.
     Can I ask for further services following the one-hour call?
    Of course.  The one-hour call is used to seek guidance on an issue or problem and this will result in one of two things happening:  

    1. You take what you we map out and undertake the follow up work yourself;


    2. You want the Specialists continued help to undertake the follow-on work and give you the realistic result or outcome you are looking for.
    Any further works to be undertaken by the consultant is under our Follow-on Service and this captures Scope, Cost, Time, and the deliverables (as a minimum), and requires a further agreement to undertake the works.  Payment to be in advance.
     What if I have a complex issue or problem?
    If you are a new Client, book a free Breakthrough Call.

    When you have the exclusive access to Consultants On-Demand, then you have three options:

    1.  Book a Specialist and follow the guidance in the confirmation e-mail (Note:  this will give you direction on how to provide advance information in preparation for a call with our specialist).


    2. Use the live chat option to seek guidance.


    3.  Book a free Breakthrough Call

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